Now online! The ESCAPE WebApp with all documents and information is online.


Web application as toolbox for mobile real Escape Rooms

The web application (web app) is designed as a toolbox for the application of mobile real Escape Rooms.

For the organisers, it will be used for planning and preparing the realisation of mobile real Escape Rooms.

For the users, some functions of certain escape puzzle games will be linked to the web app.

Planned content:

Illustrated building instructions of the Escape puzzle games.

Plan for the construction of a mobile real Escape Room and a cover story. The cover story in the project is based on an example of a topic from vocational training in the building sector.

Didactic materials for game implementation as an operator/game leader.

Additional information for the participants to support the solving of certain puzzles. Some of the puzzles will contain QR codes that refer to hidden areas of the web app.


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